Simon Raschen, Portrait
Simon Raschen
Simon Leander Raschen

Music Producer,
Multi Instrumentalist
& Composer

Hintergrund, Simon Raschen
Simon Raschen
Simon Leander Raschen

Music Producer,
Multi Instrumentalist
& Composer


Growing up on an island and having musicians as parents, I became connected to music early on in a very special way. At the age of three I began to play the drums and continued ever since. My father being a singer, saxophonist, pianist and guitarist and my mother a jazz singer, I began to learn and understand music in it’s whole form from the beginning.

Over the years I started to take lessons in drumming, singing, piano, guitar and music production and played in all kinds of musical ensembles and genres. I have always been interested in having a very broad knowledge and deep understanding of the profession.

In the past I was a sound assistant for Tonstudio Hire and various theatres (e.g. Staatstheater Oldenburg, Theaterschiff Bremen) and worked for YAMAHA at the Musikmesse 2017, doing live sound engineering.

Currently I‘m studying keyboards & music production at the Musikhochschule Münster and run my own studio.

Simon Raschen
Simon Raschen, Music Production and Recording

Music Production

As an artist, songwriter and producer working with other artists, it’s very important to me to differentiate and combine these three roles in a creative and technical process. Always with the possibilities and constraints of technology in mind, but at the same time aiming to achieve the full creative potential of the production. By having broad knowledge of various genres and instruments, I’m not only able to understand their synergy and interaction but also the artist’s vision.


Songwriting / Composing

First, every song needs to be written. If you need help with this or just need some additional input, I am eager to support you in the whole process, always having the production in mind.



The recording process is essential for a good production. A tight and dynamic record that catches the spirit of the song reduces the needed effort in mixing. Fix-it-in-the-mix is not an option here. ;-)



For me mixing is like carving a statue in stone. The challenge of it is to give every instrument its place in the mix, so that they align smoothly and don't interfere. The result is a well-balanced mix.



This step gives your production the finishing touch and I love the details in turning a good mix into a radioesque production.


Videos will follow soon!


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